Book Review: Then And Always, by Dani Atkins

I think I want to read this book.



Then and Always by Dani Atkins is a novel about lost love through tragedy. As the main character, Rachel, is at a final good bye dinner with her friends before they all go their separate ways to college or university, a devastating end comes to their dinner, leaving the whole group of friends confused, and Rachel heartbroken. The accident affects her in the worst possible way, resulting in her giving up on her dreams of going to school to become a journalist, and it also makes her lose just a little bit of hope that she had in life before. The novel then focuses in on her life 5 years later, and how she still hasn’t managed to move on, which will be even more difficult now that she is returning home to the place where her life was singlehandedly destroyed.

Personally, I really did genuinely enjoy this book. The…

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