I miss you

I miss those brown eyes. That smile, that laugh, the way you look at me, the way you talk to me. But I never told you what I should have said. No I never told you, I just held it in. And now I miss everything about you. I cant believe that I still want you. You make it hard to breathe, you make it hard to see. When im with you, I feel that its just me and you alone together in this universe. No one to stop us, no one to distract us. If only you chosen differently, we might be together. I hear you talk about her, and every word you say is a dagger in me. You said you think of me as your “little sister”, and I wish that you will see me as more than how you see me now… Maybe someday, when the stars aline, and the mountains move, and when the sky turns green. But that will never happen, so that means we will never happen. I should stop wishing, because wishing only wounds the heart. You could be that boy, but im not that girl. And I never will be.


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