Fickleness (a letter to Numb) 

Dear Numb,

           First thing you should know about me is: I am fickle-minded person. First, I love you, then I don’t. I have feelings for you, then all of a sudden those feelings will go away. I start to hate you, but then you smile; and that smile makes me fall in love with you all over again. I want to forget about you, at the same time I want to keep loving you. I want to hold you and whisper to your ear and say “I love you”, then the next day I want to throw a rock at you and shout “I hate you!”. 

Damn, if only you knew how much I care about you. If only you knew how much time I’ve spent thinking about you. But you’re too numb to realize how crazy I am about you. 

I feel both happy and sad when I’m with you. I want to shout “Iloveyou” but I end up whispering it. 
Yours truly, 



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