When the Witch fell in love

Once upon a time, in a fallen world, there lived a witch. She isn’t a wicked witch who everyone thought she was. In fact, she was kind, gentle, loving, and caring. She loved to read, write,
paint, and cook; she wasn’t a witch at heart. 

The witch lived alone in the dark forest, and she never left the place for the town’s folk told her that if she leaves the dark forest, she will feel nothing but agony. But despite being alone in a dark, scary, fallen world, she was happy. 
In this fallen world, there lived a prince. The prince isn’t the strong, brave, noble, chivalrous prince that everyone thought he was; he was broken, depressed and dark. 
One night, the prince wandered off into the dark forest where he met the witch. They talked for hours and hours, time seemed to slow down and fast forward at the same time.
Because of the witch’s friendliness and hospitality, the prince kept coming back to the dark forest. They would talk, eat, sleep, and sing together; they became best friends. He brought her out of the dark forest, to the kingdom with a huge castle, breath taking mountains, beautiful flowers and nothing but bright sunshine. The witch realized that the world isn’t fallen after all. 
The witch realized she was in love with the prince. Despite his flaws, she loved him. No matter how broken he was, she still loved him, thinking she could help him, fix him, save him. He made her feel special, important. She loved him, and he loved her back, or so she thought. 
One day there came a princess. The princess was so beautiful, the most beautiful girl in all the land, but she was foul. She was a horrible, selfish, ignorant person, but oh how beautiful she was. 

The prince fell in love with the beauty of the princess and they got married and lived happily ever after. 
The witch was heart broken, devastated. She returned back to the dark forest, realizing how stupid she was to think that a prince like him would fall in love with a witch like her. 

Everyone told her if she leaves the dark forest, she would feel nothing but pain. And that is exactly what she was feeling now: pain, agony. Why did she leave the dark forest? why did she fall in love? She wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t fall. The witch realized people only see what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside. She realized, people fall in love with the beauty on the face, but not in the heart.


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