“Carry this Picture” by Dashboard Confessional 

Do you know what I want to do? what I really want to do to you? I want to take you and put you in a tiny box, put you close to my heart, and take care of you, love you, feed you, give you stuff that you deserve. Because you didn’t deserve all those bullshit that happened in your life. 

I want to give you a mother who will love you, make you breakfast in the morning, kiss your forehead good night, and hug you when you’re sad while telling you “everything will be okay”. I want to give you a father who will not favor your sister over you but to love you both equally, a father that would be your hero, someone who you will look up to. A father who is faithful to your mom, a father who will protect your family, a father who will teach you and guide you through life. 

I want to give you friends who will get you drunk, but not leave you in the bar. Friends who you could go to when you were locked out of your house. I want to give you a girlfriend who wouldn’t cheat on you, a girlfriend who really appreciates your efforts, a girlfriend who truly loves you and wouldn’t leave you.
You didn’t deserve all those bullshit that happened in your life. No one deserves to be treated like that- like you aren’t a human being who has feelings. You deserve better, you’re a good person who deserves better. 
I bet you’re wondering why I said you’re a good person. Because you really are. Not from the stories you told me, but from the things I’ve noticed. I noticed that you’re really caring, I noticed it from the little things that you do. Like when we’re crossing the street, you love staying at the left side and yet when we cross and the cars are going left, you would go to my right side. I’ve learned in C.A.T. that people who do that, it means they’re protecting you, like they’re being your shield againts the cars. Also, when we went up that overpass I told you that it was making me nervous because I’m afraid of heights, then you apologized. Instead of teasing me, you apologized and when we were heading back, you asked if I would rather pass through a stinky place or the overpass. That makes you caring, because why would you care if i’m afriad of heights and walking in overpasses makes me nervous, but still you did. You are caring in so many ways. 
I hope that this letter doesn’t weird you out.